The Monastic Experience Program

  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live as a monk?

  • Are you considering the religious life or priesthood and looking for time to think about your future?

  • Do you long to deepen your experience of prayer?

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The Monastic Experience Program invites you to live the life of a monk at Saint John’s Abbey for two weeks to a month. As a “MEP” you will follow the discipline of the monastic life, exploring Benedictine prayer and spirituality while you pray and work alongside the Saint John’s monastic community. This time of prayer, work, and discernment will offer new perspectives and inspiration in your Christian discipleship, through the 1,500 year old Benedictine spiritual tradition, and in the friendships and conversations you will enjoy during your stay.

The MEP is intended as a monastic immersion experience for serious vocation discerners. As a participant in the program, you make a personal commitment to experience monastic life for that time. There are no vows, and no formal commitments to the community beyond two to four weeks of respectful participation. Because of the spiritual and personal challenge, we encourage a weekend visit prior to participation in the MEP.

Your typical weekday would include:

7:00 am - Prayer/Breakfast
8:15 am - Recreation
9:15 am - Work period
11:15 am - Time for scripture reading
Noon - Prayer and lunch
1:15 pm - Work period
3:15 pm - Free time for hiking, fishing, swimming, reading, etc. 
5:00 pm - Eucharist
6:00 pm - Supper
7:00 pm - Evening Prayer
8:00 pm - Class on monastic lif

Weekends are less structured and allow you more time for solitude and reflection, or time to socialize with the monks and the other participants.

If you would like more information, please contact our Vocation Director through the form below.

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