Application for Vocation Discernment Guidance

Similar to a Spiritual Director, a Vocation Discernment Guide offers advice, perspective, expertise, and a compassionate listening partner. A Vocation Guide does not tell you your vocation, nor guarantees you anything, but offers only to aid you in the work only you can perform as you listen to God's Call and respond to the best of your ability. 

If you have a particular monk in mind to serve as your Vocation Guide (read about the monks here), please identify them at the bottom of this form. This does not guarantee the availability of said guide. The Saint John's Abbey Vocation Director, with the help of vocation discernment team, will prayerfully assign discerners with Vocation Guides while taking careful consideration to any preference you may indicate. 


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Saint John's Abbey can
only accept discernment
applications from men
who are:

Baptized Catholics

Between the ages of 18 and 43

Either single or annulled

U.S. citizens

With no Felony Convictions